Amy Van Dyken

4 Dec

Van Dyken was born February 15, 1973. When she was young, Van Dyken was diagnosed with asthma. Her doctors suggested she swim to strengthen her lungs and prevent asthma attacks in the future.

After high school, Van Dyken attended University of Arizona for two years before transferring to Colorado State University. It was here that she broke her first record for the 50 meter freestyle

Van Dyken earned 4th place in the 50 meter freestyle at the Olympic trials, just short of making the Olympic team in 1992.

After college, Van Dyken trained full-time for the 1996 Olympics at the training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Van Dyken became the first American female athlete to win 4 gold medals in one Olympics game at the 1996 Olympics.

Van Dyken injured her shoulder soon after, needing several surgeries and delaying her training. Still, she made it to the 2000 Olympic games, where she won two gold medals.

Van Dyken lost a lot of fans when she spit in the lane of her competitor, Inge de Brujin at the 2000 games.

In 2003, she testified in the BALCO steroid scandal. Though a client of them, she never tested positive for steroids.



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